Cadbury Zip Sharebag 162.5g - 4264105

Brand: Cadbury
Product Code: 4264105
RM6.88 RM9.90

Cadbury Zip Sharebag 162.5g - 4264105

Cadbury Zip Sharebag    "CADBURY ZIP is a light crispy wafer, coated in CADBURY DAIRY MILK. This product has 20 units of smaller bites inside. Each small bar is 8.125g - the perfect size for you to share & ZIP through the boring! 

CADBURY was created in 1824 with a vision that every bar of chocolate should have 1 and a half glass of milk. 

Halal Certified. Made in India. 
Storage Condition: Store in cool, dry place
Keep away from sunlight"

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