Jacob’s Tin Original Cream Crackers 700g – 4071987

Product Code: 4071987
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Jacob’s Tin Original Cream Crackers 700g – 4071987

For over 60 years, Jacob’s has been the preferred choice for people of all ages. Generations of Malaysians trust and love Jacob’s for its taste and product quality. The Jacob’s range of products has grown and evolved from a plain cracker to a comprehensive range of quality crackers and biscuits, including Cream Cracker, Weetameal, Hi-Fibre, Low Salt Hi-Fibre, Hi-Iron, Hi-Cal and it’s much loved Oatmeal biscuits.

  • Contains 93% wheat cereal to offer you healthier crackers
  • It has 30% less fat content as compared to other crackers

  • No added sugar, colouring and preservatives

  • Has a unique combination of vitamins and minerals (Vit. A,B1, B2, B3, B12, Calcium, Iron and Iodine)

Brand Jacob
Color Yellow
Flavor Original
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