Oreo Family Game Pack (StayPlayful)

Brand: Oreo

Oreo Family Game Pack (StayPlayful)

Twist, Lick and Dunk the nostalgic childhood snack that everyone can’t get enough of - OREO Cookie.

Rich and smooth Vanilla and Chocolate Crème sandwiched between two crunchy chocolate wafers. Delightful bitter flavour of chocolate wafer assorted with a burst of sweetness from the cream filling curates a perfectly balanced bitter-sweet cookie snack.

OREO Stay Playful Pack reminds you what it's like to be young again. This pack consists of fun games and activities for you to enjoy while snacking on your favourite snack, OREO. OREO believe there is always time for play. Playful Pack inspires people with an assortment of ideas to keep their playful spirit alive! 

Reminisce and share your perfect childhood snack, OREO Stay Playful Pack, with your loved ones!

OREO Stay Playful Gift Pack includes:

• Oreo Vanilla 123.5g (4278871) - 2 units

• Oreo Choco 123.5g (4278870) - 2 units

• Mini Oreo Vanilla 20.4g (4253218)- 6 units

• Mini Oreo Chocolate 20.4g (4253217) - 6 units

• Shredded Paper (Blue & White)

• Little Gift

• Halal Certified

• Storage Condition: Store in a cool, dry place.

• At Mondelēz International, our purpose is to empower people to snack right. We will lead the future of snacking around the world by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way. That means delivering a broader range of delicious, high-quality snacks that nourish life's moments, made with sustainable ingredients and packaging that consumers can feel good about.

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